Thursday, May 24, 2007

Postcard Swaps - May 2007

My "I've Got the Blues" Swap

These two cards are an example of my May swap "I've Got the Blues". I have used Angeline Fibre on a light blue back ground fabric, then place a multi coloured organza over the top. Quilted over the top of them to hold them together, then used my soldering iron the burn out parts of the organza to
reveal the glittering Angeline Fibres.
Unfortunately one of then turned out a little bit too green, but I still liked them very much anyway. Besides I really didn't have the "blues"....

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Bear said...

oh Faye
they are beautiful true they is
Its like we all went crazy and found anew toy but wot a pretty toy- your blues are beautiful
love n hugs bear xoxoxo

crazyQstitcher said...

I like both cards, but the blue does show up the background a little clearer.
They are lovely Faye

Susan said...

Beautiful postcard. That's not really green, it's teal, and that's a blue. =) I like it best. You are doing a lot of fun things with this and the discharge dying and whatnot.