Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Second Block for the SCC's Group RR

Getting these Blocks finished to be able to pass them onto the next person ON TIME is getting a bit hard... But I have managed to get my second set in the the mail before the end of the month, LOL!!!
This block belongs to Faye C., who is new to our group and also to round robins. Her blocks are somewhat different than the usual plain fabric/muted print style, that most of us are used to. Which of course made this round a bit more of a challenge. 
I have ended up with a heavier effect of stitching and SRE. I also used the Edmar Bouclé thread on the wavey line in a whipped chain, with a great effect...

I thought Alison had set a scene by using mainly white or cream shades on the block she has done. Also keeping her stitching to a  fine concept, which I think has only enhanced the beautiful fabrics behind her stitching. Her's is on the right...

Celtic Round Robbin 2010

This Cathy's block for this Celtic RR with the CQI group.

It is very intersting to do this RR. I have scoured many Celtic sites, looking for different designs and Knots with their meanings. When I received this block from Cathy, I knew exactely what design I'd use, when I saw the heart she had appiliqued onto the block as a focal point. Then to finish off the edge of the heart I did my version of alternated Chain & Fly stitch. I think it has turned out quite well. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First Paisley for 2010...

Well, here is my first Paisley for 2010. This one is my 7th.  I'm so very pleased with it... I have done my newest favorite stitch ie; Spanish Coral Stitch or Crested Chain Stitch twice on it. In the inner space and on the outer edge. This Paisley is on my first RR block with the SouthernCross Crazies group. It is another RR to practise our 'Seam Building'. You can see the full block in the previous entry...

Another RR with the SCCs Yahoo Group.

"Seams Only" R R

This is the block I decided to work on from Alison's set of six blocks.

I have tried my hand at a few different stitches, one of which I have come to love doing, and that is the Crested Chain stitch, I have used it on the outer edge of my Paisley. The colours in Alison's block were so easy to work with, being lovely muted/soft shades. I enjoyed using my latest thread find, it is the very bright varigated one in the 1/2 circles and the drizzling Colonial Knots. It's called Venetian Sunset from the Colour Stream Range of threads, and I know it is one of Alison's favourites.
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