Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Special Birthday

 Last Saturday I had, what everyone tells me, a very Special Birthday… I turned 60 years of age. I had a wonderful day with family and friends about. My stepdaughter, daughter-in-law and son all helped to make it special by preparing a lovely BBQ lunch and then in the evening we had a really lovely dinner, with lots of wine and sweets.

The poem that follows here was written by a very dear person, whom I have grown to love very much since her and hubby Jim, arrived to be our next door neighbors, some seven and a half years ago…

Our Faye turns 60!!! 2nd October 2010

One day we said - let’s move to the coast
So Valla was chosen to make the most
Of aging bones and slower speed
With green rolling hills and lots of trees

Now we never have had a neighbor live close
And found we were stuck with some, 20 meters at most
They jumped over the fence and made themselves known
Faye and Ray were their names, and upon us would grow

From beers in the garden and wine on the deck
No matter what time of day, oh, what the heck
No standing on ceremony, no special fancy airs
Just friendship shared and mates who care

Faye is a special one, no one could doubt
Her commitment to family and friends stand out
But where she shines like a light so bright
Is her talent with sewing and craft all alike

Faye’s patchwork and quilts are a sight to behold
Her needlework stories on postcards are told
All around the world those pieces would drift
What a special treat to receive her unique gift

Creative people like Faye I ‘m in awe
When those skills were given I was behind the door
She has tried to teach me and patience she’s shown
But mostly over the head this has flown

Boring women have immaculate homes
Is a saying I love to repeat
Faye is not boring that’s for sure
Sewing much more fun than a house that’s neat

I will never forget our girls’ week away
Faye, Betty, Maureen and I,
Four friends on the run in the Port Douglas sun
Cocktails for breakfast to try

Now Sis, you are special to both Jim and I
And the road ahead will sometimes be high
Just remember if you need a feed or a cry
We‘ll be here to catch you without asking why

On that note we will raise our glass
To a lovely lady, just full of class
I’ll have a wine, Jim a beer
And we’ll thank God he brought us here

Happy 60th birthday, dear friend.

Thank you Jan for this wonderful piece of poetry that describes me to a tee…


Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Fourth Block for the SSC RR

This block belongs to Maureen T. I love the colour tones in this one, and I'm very pleased with the finished
block. I have used a few ideas from the Carole Samples Book "A Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches" 

Close-up of some of the seam detail, on the right....


I hope Maureen likes what I have done for her...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Third Block for the SSC's Group Round Robin

Here is my third block for this round robin. This block belongs to Anne W. and was a lovely block to work on. With white on white, it's so easy to choose colours to use, as any colour will work. I chose the block with the silk print because I wanted to try embellishing around the print. I hope Anne likes what I have done... 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Celtic Block

This is my contribuation to Wendy's Celtic Block.

Wendy asked us to keep the knotwork to a minimum, therefore I have stitched this cute swirley tree. I only wish I could have found some information on what it is a symbol of. I'll name it, my "Tree of Friendship" as I feel that is approprate for these Round Robins.

These two motifs are on the Block as well. I couldn't help doing a little bit of knotwork. I hope Wendy will like what I have done...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Second Block for the SCC's Group RR

Getting these Blocks finished to be able to pass them onto the next person ON TIME is getting a bit hard... But I have managed to get my second set in the the mail before the end of the month, LOL!!!
This block belongs to Faye C., who is new to our group and also to round robins. Her blocks are somewhat different than the usual plain fabric/muted print style, that most of us are used to. Which of course made this round a bit more of a challenge. 
I have ended up with a heavier effect of stitching and SRE. I also used the Edmar Bouclé thread on the wavey line in a whipped chain, with a great effect...

I thought Alison had set a scene by using mainly white or cream shades on the block she has done. Also keeping her stitching to a  fine concept, which I think has only enhanced the beautiful fabrics behind her stitching. Her's is on the right...

Celtic Round Robbin 2010

This Cathy's block for this Celtic RR with the CQI group.

It is very intersting to do this RR. I have scoured many Celtic sites, looking for different designs and Knots with their meanings. When I received this block from Cathy, I knew exactely what design I'd use, when I saw the heart she had appiliqued onto the block as a focal point. Then to finish off the edge of the heart I did my version of alternated Chain & Fly stitch. I think it has turned out quite well. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First Paisley for 2010...

Well, here is my first Paisley for 2010. This one is my 7th.  I'm so very pleased with it... I have done my newest favorite stitch ie; Spanish Coral Stitch or Crested Chain Stitch twice on it. In the inner space and on the outer edge. This Paisley is on my first RR block with the SouthernCross Crazies group. It is another RR to practise our 'Seam Building'. You can see the full block in the previous entry...

Another RR with the SCCs Yahoo Group.

"Seams Only" R R

This is the block I decided to work on from Alison's set of six blocks.

I have tried my hand at a few different stitches, one of which I have come to love doing, and that is the Crested Chain stitch, I have used it on the outer edge of my Paisley. The colours in Alison's block were so easy to work with, being lovely muted/soft shades. I enjoyed using my latest thread find, it is the very bright varigated one in the 1/2 circles and the drizzling Colonial Knots. It's called Venetian Sunset from the Colour Stream Range of threads, and I know it is one of Alison's favourites.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Paisley Passion for 2009

When I was involved in my Round Robin groups last year (2009), we had a theme for one of them, where we had to add a motif of some sort. As I don't have a big supply of those lovely lacy motifs, so I decided to do hand stitched paisleys. I have come to really enjoy doing them now, and sort of become my signature thing...

This one was my first effort, and I stitched it onto a 'Friendship Block' made for a friend who had a hugh operation. The quilt was put together by one of the girls in the Fibre Art Plus group and sent to Bobbie with our love...
You can see my full block here...here...

This one I have done on Joy's block in the 'Seams Only' RR with the  SCC Yahoo Group

Now for my third effort, I started to get a little more creative and filled in the center... This one was on a  DYOB with the Chain of Hearts Yahoo Group. We had a "Stitch Caller" every week who nominated the stitches we had to try on our own block, then at the end of the 6 weeks we had to swap our block with another participatent. It was good fun...

This one is on Patti's block from the same "Seams Only" RR  with the SCC Group. You can see her full block  here... I am really getting into it now.

But Hey, take a look at this one... my creative juices were really flowing, when it came to Alison's block.  Here is her finished block...

Now for my latest Paisley, I have stitched this onto my own block click here which came home to me, so embellished by the girls in the FFT#7, Gerry, Nikki, Dianne and Mary from the  CQI Yahoo group. Their work is just beautiful. I have added my stitching to the top right hand corner of the block...

As you can see from the picture of the block this wonderful little hand-painted button has been stitched onto my block by Gerry , she does the most wonderful encrusting embellishment.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my range of Paisleys so far... I do plan to do more RR Blocks so will post pictures as I do the this year.  Thanks for visiting...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Back Stitching Again... Wow!!!

It's been so long since my last confes... Uh??? Oh!!! LOL!!! I mean since my last posting, I've nearly forgotten what I have to do.
So much has been happening, since last year, but now things have settled down again and I'm almost back to normal. Then again -  what's normal???

I'm back into my stitching again, thank goodness, I thought for awhile last year I'd never stitch again!!! But here I am already signed up for 2 RRs and a Birthday ATC Swap.

These are my blocks for one RR with the  SCC Yahoo Group .
This RR is another Seams Only, and the idea of the RR is to build onto each row of stitching on each seam. Until such time as you're satified that no more can be added without over-doing it. These blocks are matching the large block (below) that I did for last years Seams Only RR.

I'm planing to place the 5 blocks on the left side and accross the bottom of this block. So I'm hoping that the girls will embellish the smaller blocks in a similar fashion


This is how I would like them to fit together, once the small blocks have been embellished with their seam treatments...