Thursday, March 12, 2009

My WIP on my Crazy Black Block

Here is a little preview of my seam treatment on my next Crazy Black Block. I'm so enjoying this project, and I'm so excited with my effort on the peacock in the center of this block.

The center patch is satin and I have done the peacock in DMC one thread Ecru and No. 822. There is supposed to be a little more done on the right side of him, but not sure if i'll do that yet. Will depend what I put on the seam next to him...

Here is a another of my seam treatments on my next Crazy Black Block. I am really enjoying this project, as I think Black is really so easy to work on... Love it!!! Not finished this one either yet... Still more to do here
This is my spider web so far, still have a bit to do on it and have to find the spider as well...
There so much more I can do on this block, it is and will be the largest block in the quilt. It is a 15" block and has quite a few seams on it.