Monday, May 14, 2007

My little Grandson Archie

This is my little Grandson Archie James, who was born 4 months ago, with Cleft Palette and lip. While, apparently this problem is quite common, it is still a real concern to one's family when it happens to you. My son and daughter-in-law have been very positive all the way through the ordeal (after their initial shock ). It was determined as early as their 12 week ultra-sound, that their baby was going to have a cleft lip, but could not determine how badly he was effected or if it was his palette as well.
As it turned out, it was his palette as well... and he'll have to go in again in a couple of months to have that fixed.
Here he is a few days before his operation.
This is him right after the surgery... the op was Monday 23rd April.

The guard across his mouth, is obviouly there to protect his mouth and nose from being knocked or touched etc... He also had to have his little arms in splints, so as to prevent him from putting fists in his mouth or touching his face.

This photo was taken on the Friday after most the stitches had been taken out, and he was ble to have his 'bull-bar' removed.

Posted by Picasa This photo was sent to me last week. It has been 3weeks since the operation. Just look at his sweet little 'button' nose... isn't he just sooo cute!!! LOL... am I a proud Grandma, or what???


crazyQstitcher said...

Faye, Archie is beautiful and you are right to be very proud of him. He just looks at present as if he had scratched himself and any scar will fade.

DelightfullyCrazy said...

Archie is such a cutie and his lip looks fantastic Faye!

Vivienne said...

You are certainly one PROUD Grandma, Faye. Archie (love his name by the way. I had an Uncle Archie and I have a cousin Archie). Also one of my favourite TV programs is "Monarch of the Glen" - main character is Archie, of course! Your little Archie is beautiful and his lip is looking great.

Sooziii said...

Archie is looking wonderful. It is such a worry when our little ones have problems but thankfully all those great medical advancements can help. My GS was born with Tetrology of Fallots and I can understand your concerns.

MargaretR said...

He is lovely and he looks a perfect darling.

Momma Bear said...

what a beautiful baby boy he is!

my youngest daughter was diagnosed with enlarged kidnes prenatal & we thought, for a while there, we would need to operate while she was still in the womb!theese little set backs make them even more precious than they would otherwise be.

what a proud grandma you must be!

Bear said...

hello there Faye
wot a wonderful success the little mans op has been and so precious he is a darling and now he looks an angel as well-
oh Nan Faye you have every right to be proud and loved by this precious little angel man!
lotsa love n hugs bear xoxoxox

Bear said...

cannot believe how quicly the little fellow has healed- and apart from the very cute button nose Hes a very cute baby boy and in time is going to knock all the girls over he will be some ladys man he is so gorjas
love n hugs bear xoxoxo