Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Postcard Swap

I have recently joined a new group (well, new to me) and they were just finishing off a Christmas Card swap. Unfortunately I was too late for the swap, and was very disappointed that I was missing out. Then one of the ladies asked me (personally) if I would like to swap with her, of course I said "Yes please!"
The lovely lady was Maureen B. and this is the Christmas card she has made for me. It has the most wonderful embroidered Santa Clause in the center and lovely little Christmas trees used in the seam treatment, some SRE and great little charms and sequins. The gold braid around the edge, just finishes it off wonderfully. Thank you Maureen for swapping with me, I enjoy your work so much.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Answer a few Questions

My Sculpting Masks.... I thought I'd better write a little about how these wonderful creations were made. Yes, they are quite amazing. The smallest one was done by my friend Jan and has been made very plain; the size of it would be about 14" sq. I really like hers, would like to make another one and have it very similar to it.
Mine is the largest one of the four, it is 18" x 22". Not really like me, being very lacy and frilly, which I am not. I may still change it a bit yet, but I won't let it turn into another UFO either.
They are not heavy at all, it's incredible actually. They are made from old T-shirt fabric and the textile hardener. Then adorned with bits and pieces - what ever you want on it.
Was a great workshop to do as well, creativity was flowing everywhere most of the morning. Then out came our painting skills, those that had it anyway. Those that didn't, just winged it.
All the items that you're going to use, must be coated with the "Powertex" textile hardener, then placed into position. The fabric to be used is also completely covered with this same stuff, as it drys off a little it becomes very plyable and easly to manipulate into the position you're happy with. When you have finished playing with it, it's left to dry completely, couple of hours. Then it is painted with 'Folk Art' Paint and Jo-Sonja's, using the colour you want it to be, then over the top with Bronze, Gold, or Copper, to highlight the features and nick nacks that you have placed on it.
After 2 weeks they have to be sprayed with a Gloss or Semi-gloss clear coating to seal them from dust moisture etc. Place hanging wire on the back and you're ready for the decision on where it's going to be placed... Easy!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sculpting Workshop - 17th Nov, 2006

What a 'great' day my group, (called "The Arty Tarts") had last Friday...
Our workshop was with "Powertex" sculpting-modeling.
Pictured here we have (L>R), our tutor - Jeannie, Jan, Judy, and Wilma... ( I was taking the photo LOL), taking in some very important information about what we were learning.

Would you believe, from an old T-shirt, a paper-mache face mask, an old frame with a backing board, along with a few bits and pieces, that we all produced these wonderful works of art.

On the left is Jan's creation - "Lady 'J' "

Next we haveWilma's wonderful piece, called - "Alyce" (right)

On the left is Judy's masterpiece and she is called

"The Ghostly Goddess"

Now, last of all we have my own creation... and I'm really not sure what to name her yet. I think she looks like "Lacey Lucy" others have suggested "The Iron Maiden"

We all really did have a very interesting day - one way and another...

The product we used to harden our sculptures is called "Powertex Textile Hardener" and is available through the tutor or there is a web-site - .

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's taken ALL night!!

Boy!!! This blogging is something else... it has taken me nearly all night to place the last post to this site. Oh!! #*#@!! now... I have just lost all that I had written out, for this post as well, grrr...
I don't know how people manage to write on their blogs as much as they do and are still able to get a lot of sewing done as well.
I decided to use the 'old' kind blog instead of the "Beta" one that I used for my 'Hearts4u' as it is so frustrating when you go to leave a comment on someones blog and it rejects you, 'cause you're on Beta. So now I can sign on with either one to have my say...
I have taken up Sandie's challenge of getting UFOs finished in 2007, but then that has been my New Years resolution for the past 5 years LOL. I haven't called myself the UFO Queen for nothing, hee hee.
I have been patchworking for about 10 years, and like Sandie, a lot of my unfinished works are from a period in my life, that I don't like to think about either. Now my life is on track again and I'm very happy with where I am, maybe it will be a bit easier to get these pieces out and get them finished.
Must go and read my mail now, then off to bed.... tomorrow another play!!!!
Goodnight and God Bless - Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite!!!

Meet My Grandchildren

I would like to introduce you all to my presious grandchildren:
Angus John
This little man is 20months old... and is very special to me. He is my first (& only) grandson, so that is a very good reason to be special. He loves his books and is a wonderful artist LOL.

Laura & Elizabeth
Here we have our latest addition. Laura (on left) and little sister Elizabeth (on right). They were born on 18th August 2006 as they decided to arrive 9 weeks early.
They are doing very well now, they are putting on weight and loving their feeds... we have had all our prayers answered, and would like to gives thanks to everyone who sent thoughts & prayers.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Anyone up for a challenge???

Anyone up for a challenge?
I decided to take up Rose Ann's, who has taken up Sandie's offer of a challenge, you can read about it
here upon her blog. The first 5 people to respond to this challenge, via comments will each get a crazy patched postcard .The only catch is, you must also offer on your blog the same sort of offer. This is not an exchange where you send back to me, it's called 'paying it forward' to others who read your blog. I've decided to offer a crazy patched and embellished postcard. It may take some time to complete five of these babies, but you WILL receive it. Hmmm, I wonder who will bite first?