Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas with my Grandchildren

I'd like you to met my GrandChildren:

I'd like to share this picture with all my friends, 'cause I think it is so cute and I'd like you all to meet my Grandchildren. From left to right:- we have Archie James who turns 1 tomorrow. He is the little one at the start of my Blog, who has now has his 'Clef lip and palet' opps.
Next to him is his big brother Angus John who is 34 mths old and as you can see is so caring towards his little cousins.
Then we have Laura Catherine who is the elder of the twins (by 5 minutes) and her sister Elizabeth Anne or 'Lizzie', they are 16 mths old.
I am still reliving the past fortnight, in my memories and thoughts... It really was so wonderful to have my 2 boys with their wives and families, here for Christmas. We haven't been together like that for many, many years. Now with littlies as well, it is was something very special.
They have all gone home now and the house seems so quite and empty... I'll just have to keep very bust with my sewing and crafty things...


Rose Anne B said...

Oh Faye, isn't great having Christmas with small ones around? Yes, enjoy every precious visit as they grow up. Thanks for sharing.

crazyQstitcher said...

Christmas with family is the best and an extra pleasure is to have delighted GKs waiting for Santa. Quite often it is just the wrapping that thrills the little ones.

cheers Maureen

Bear said...

Oh Faye
how absolutely marvellous to have the family all there to celebrate Xmas with you!!!
and the kids all look so lovely and isnt the oldest grandson a little carer- and the youngest mouth looks so good - Its really the entire "other best" reason for Xmas --having your family all there with you isnt it??
may you have a wonderful New year and more holidays with the grandies for many years to come
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo

NormaH said...

Faye, what a precious Christmas you had indeed. Nothing shows the love of Christmas more than little ones!!! They are adorable .... enjoy them!

katiejayinpa said...

awww, so adorable, they will never believe they looked like this wehn they are older!

crazyQstitcher said...

Faye I have tagged you for the You Make My Day Award.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

There is nothing better than a christmas with kiddies....
It is the best and your little punks look gorgeous!