Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Latest Arty Projects

What are Inchies?
These little pieces of art have been my latest project… They are 1” square and have 3 layers of fabric (top, batting & backing) just like a traditional quilt. Once you have your base piece made then off you go and put all sorts of embellishments onto them to make them quite arty. Each set consists of nine 1”squares, and can be all the same or you can make each one different but similar, if you know what I mean. How many sets are made is determined by, how many people are in the swap. This my set of Blue Inchies ...

I have been in a few swaps with others that are now hooked on making these little treasures, with a couple of different groups as well. These are some of my collection….

My display of the Blue Inchie Swap from the Australian & New Zealand Art Group. There were seven members in this swap, which meant we had to make seven sets of nine 1"squares. Our host for the swap, Katherine, added an extra one as a surprise for each of us. It's the one one the right with the touch of Orange in it.

This is my set of Red Inchies for a swap with the Fabric Arts Postcard Group. I became a little more creative when displaying these ones, as there were a lot more sets to make for this swap. The picture, top left, is how I have put them together... recycling old CDs, I have placed some of the sets onto these, but could only fit 8, so had to position the other one beside each CD. The Red colours in these are very stunning, don't you think?

Now these ones are for a purple swap, I have sent mine away... still waiting on others to arrive before I can make a display out of them. These are like the Red ones - quite stunning... I have one extra and a couple of double ups in this set, but will only use nine in the display, as I have a couple of plain ones to put in.

These are a couple of close-ups of the purple ones... the one on the left is mine and I made the wire/bead charm on it. The one on the right is one from Donna's set, she has personalised it with my name. How cute is that???
I have one more swap that I have to get finished, very quickly, as they are due out tomorrow. I have enjoyed making these little things and have really enjoyed receiving others in the mail. Many thanks to all those who have participated in these swaps... they're great fun.

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aykayem said...

I was in that same blue inchie swap too! ... and ... there were more than 7 of us!!! (I think we just made 7 sets so we could swap 6 and the 7th one was for us to keep, rather than having to make 17 or even 27 or 37 if a lot of people signed up - LOL)

btw ... I really should be out in my sewing room (I think I have one somewhere under the pile of mess!) making my green inchies (yes - the inchie swaps are still going on that group, there is a green one due to be posted in a couple of days time ... so of course I have not finished mine yet - always the last minute for me - LOL)