Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Answer a few Questions

My Sculpting Masks.... I thought I'd better write a little about how these wonderful creations were made. Yes, they are quite amazing. The smallest one was done by my friend Jan and has been made very plain; the size of it would be about 14" sq. I really like hers, would like to make another one and have it very similar to it.
Mine is the largest one of the four, it is 18" x 22". Not really like me, being very lacy and frilly, which I am not. I may still change it a bit yet, but I won't let it turn into another UFO either.
They are not heavy at all, it's incredible actually. They are made from old T-shirt fabric and the textile hardener. Then adorned with bits and pieces - what ever you want on it.
Was a great workshop to do as well, creativity was flowing everywhere most of the morning. Then out came our painting skills, those that had it anyway. Those that didn't, just winged it.
All the items that you're going to use, must be coated with the "Powertex" textile hardener, then placed into position. The fabric to be used is also completely covered with this same stuff, as it drys off a little it becomes very plyable and easly to manipulate into the position you're happy with. When you have finished playing with it, it's left to dry completely, couple of hours. Then it is painted with 'Folk Art' Paint and Jo-Sonja's, using the colour you want it to be, then over the top with Bronze, Gold, or Copper, to highlight the features and nick nacks that you have placed on it.
After 2 weeks they have to be sprayed with a Gloss or Semi-gloss clear coating to seal them from dust moisture etc. Place hanging wire on the back and you're ready for the decision on where it's going to be placed... Easy!!!


Gerry said...

Thank you for the info. What a great project. So creative. I just love to hear about new and different 'craft' works.

Eveline and David said...

Hello Faye, it was a pleasure to read about your project and to see the wonderful masks you and your friends created.

We found your blog when searching the internet. If you like you can also send this kind of inforation to us to be published on our website.

Kind regards,

Eveline and David
Astonishing Crafts & Art
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