Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's taken ALL night!!

Boy!!! This blogging is something else... it has taken me nearly all night to place the last post to this site. Oh!! #*#@!! now... I have just lost all that I had written out, for this post as well, grrr...
I don't know how people manage to write on their blogs as much as they do and are still able to get a lot of sewing done as well.
I decided to use the 'old' kind blog instead of the "Beta" one that I used for my 'Hearts4u' as it is so frustrating when you go to leave a comment on someones blog and it rejects you, 'cause you're on Beta. So now I can sign on with either one to have my say...
I have taken up Sandie's challenge of getting UFOs finished in 2007, but then that has been my New Years resolution for the past 5 years LOL. I haven't called myself the UFO Queen for nothing, hee hee.
I have been patchworking for about 10 years, and like Sandie, a lot of my unfinished works are from a period in my life, that I don't like to think about either. Now my life is on track again and I'm very happy with where I am, maybe it will be a bit easier to get these pieces out and get them finished.
Must go and read my mail now, then off to bed.... tomorrow another play!!!!
Goodnight and God Bless - Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite!!!


NormaH said...

Your new blog is looking great Faye.... I bet I have you beat for UFO's..... only thing is I'm going to designate the ones I really want to finish as WISPs and let the others fly out of the house...WHEW!!!! I can breathe again. I like your photo, hadn't thought of using a 'not so recent' one.

Ribbonwiz said...

I'll be joining you on the UFO challenge...the more i look around the more i find, I thought I was getting offlightly.
Love your little girl photo..

Iris said...

Love the blog Faye! Those grandbabies are cuties.

I haven't decided whether to join in the UFO/WISP challange yet. The finishing work just isn't fun to me...then there is the problem of where to display it. If it isn't one thing it's another...LOL!