Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Special Birthday

 Last Saturday I had, what everyone tells me, a very Special Birthday… I turned 60 years of age. I had a wonderful day with family and friends about. My stepdaughter, daughter-in-law and son all helped to make it special by preparing a lovely BBQ lunch and then in the evening we had a really lovely dinner, with lots of wine and sweets.

The poem that follows here was written by a very dear person, whom I have grown to love very much since her and hubby Jim, arrived to be our next door neighbors, some seven and a half years ago…

Our Faye turns 60!!! 2nd October 2010

One day we said - let’s move to the coast
So Valla was chosen to make the most
Of aging bones and slower speed
With green rolling hills and lots of trees

Now we never have had a neighbor live close
And found we were stuck with some, 20 meters at most
They jumped over the fence and made themselves known
Faye and Ray were their names, and upon us would grow

From beers in the garden and wine on the deck
No matter what time of day, oh, what the heck
No standing on ceremony, no special fancy airs
Just friendship shared and mates who care

Faye is a special one, no one could doubt
Her commitment to family and friends stand out
But where she shines like a light so bright
Is her talent with sewing and craft all alike

Faye’s patchwork and quilts are a sight to behold
Her needlework stories on postcards are told
All around the world those pieces would drift
What a special treat to receive her unique gift

Creative people like Faye I ‘m in awe
When those skills were given I was behind the door
She has tried to teach me and patience she’s shown
But mostly over the head this has flown

Boring women have immaculate homes
Is a saying I love to repeat
Faye is not boring that’s for sure
Sewing much more fun than a house that’s neat

I will never forget our girls’ week away
Faye, Betty, Maureen and I,
Four friends on the run in the Port Douglas sun
Cocktails for breakfast to try

Now Sis, you are special to both Jim and I
And the road ahead will sometimes be high
Just remember if you need a feed or a cry
We‘ll be here to catch you without asking why

On that note we will raise our glass
To a lovely lady, just full of class
I’ll have a wine, Jim a beer
And we’ll thank God he brought us here

Happy 60th birthday, dear friend.

Thank you Jan for this wonderful piece of poetry that describes me to a tee…



Carol said...

Fantastic! Hope your life on 'the other side' of 60 is as happy as mine is. Happy Birthday.

Bear said...

many happy happy returns Faye for you 60th-(I celebrated mine in Sept so I am older then you ggg.)
I hope this year is terrific for you much love n hugs bear xoxoxooxoxo

Vivienne said...

Aww Faye, this poem is just so lovely and such a kind tribute to you on your 60th. What a nice friend and neighbor you have gained.