Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Back Stitching Again... Wow!!!

It's been so long since my last confes... Uh??? Oh!!! LOL!!! I mean since my last posting, I've nearly forgotten what I have to do.
So much has been happening, since last year, but now things have settled down again and I'm almost back to normal. Then again -  what's normal???

I'm back into my stitching again, thank goodness, I thought for awhile last year I'd never stitch again!!! But here I am already signed up for 2 RRs and a Birthday ATC Swap.

These are my blocks for one RR with the  SCC Yahoo Group .
This RR is another Seams Only, and the idea of the RR is to build onto each row of stitching on each seam. Until such time as you're satified that no more can be added without over-doing it. These blocks are matching the large block (below) that I did for last years Seams Only RR.

I'm planing to place the 5 blocks on the left side and accross the bottom of this block. So I'm hoping that the girls will embellish the smaller blocks in a similar fashion


This is how I would like them to fit together, once the small blocks have been embellished with their seam treatments...

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