Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bridial Bags

My Niece's Bridal Bags
I made these lovely little bags for my niece and her bridesmaids (sisters), for her recent wedding. I have used the same fabric as their dresses, and embellished them with seed beads, crystals and pearls.

The pattern is the simple folded square method, with the corners pulled into the center the make them appear rounded.
The girls loved them and they were able to fill them with quite a lot of essentials!!
a bride and her maids would need for the night.
Double click on pictures for larger view.


Rose Anne B said...

Oh My Oh My I would be tickled pink carrying one of those lovely totes made by you!!! I could just see me flitting around flashing it here and there just like a "ring" on my finger! LOL! Beautiful!

Thelma said...

Your bridal bags are beautiful!!

DelightfullyCrazy said...

Faye, these bags are stunning and they will look just gorgeous hanging off the girls arms!

crazyQstitcher said...

Faye your work is Beautiful and so are the bags.