Tuesday, April 03, 2007

2007 Postcards - February's Swap

My "Miss Angelina" Swap

Here is one of my 'Miss Angelina' P/Cs, for the Angelina Fibre Swap. To make this card I used a piece of my "tissue paper fabric", which I had made some time ago. The colours of this material is bright yellow with blues and greens added. Then I added the Angelina Fibre over the top, included some toning threads and clippings, then stitched all over it. Angelina Fibre is a great medium to work with, being very easy to create some lovely pieces of art.
The one on the left was greated in the same manner, using some blue tissue fabric I made. I 'raw edge' appliqued the butterflies onto the top to add a little something.

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