Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2007 Postcard Swap - November

My "Altered Lace" postcard.

My Altered Lace postcards were very interesting to work on, but very hard to get started... I did start with an idea that was very different to the one that I eventually used, which I'm quite happy with. On this one, I have used 2 different pieces of lace, the white piece was a very wide lace and I cut it up between the 'zig-zag' shapes along the length. The purple piece in the middle, was 'pink' to start with from the front of a shirt. After I trimed and dyed it, it was then ready to use on all my cards. With a little bit more "altering" on each card. The owner of this one now is Lyn Drage in Perth WA Australia.

As you can see in this one I have used that purple piece again, also the 'zig-zag' piece but have dyed this piece light blue. I have also used another piece of lovely lave that was on an evening top that I purched from the "Opp-shop" in town. It had a beauitful piece os wide lace around the bottom of it. I have hand painted this one with Oze dyes. This one was sent to Ingrid Tiffe in Canada.

On this one I have used the full width of the lace from the evening top and have hand painted it as well with the Oze dyes. Also used the purple piece again but have "altered" it a little by painting the self-embroidered flowers with gold paint. This one was sent ot Jan Bartlett of Boulder City in USA.

I have made this one a little different again. Using the purple again with the gold painted flowers. Also the lace from the evening top, but leaving it crean coloured and only a small porition of it. Then I have hand painted a lace motif for the other corner. This motif has been cut from another piece of lace that had reverse motifs in it. This card flew over to Lorri Chambers also in the USA.

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crazyQstitcher said...

Faye all of the postcards are fantastic. You have really altered the lace and your time was well spent.