Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Projects for 2012

  One of my resolution for 2012 was to write more on my Blog, as it is I'm sure for most of you. Now it is the end of January already, and I have only just started.
My DH, Ray and I are determined to make 2012 a much better year for us, then the past 18 months. I have started stitching again, and have already finished one 6"x 6" block for the
CQJP 2012 Block challenge
 I'm actually doing 2 in 1 challenge, as on another group I'm in there is a challenge for "A Block a Month" with a different colour and theme. So I'm incorporating both into my blocks. I'm also doing them as a "Tone-On-Tone" theme.
 Other projects I've nominated myself for are a "Christmas Cracker Swap" and to make or finish a quilt for my sister for her 60th birthday. Thank goodness her birthday isn't until November. Now with January gone that only leaves me with 10 months to complete it... In between, in my spare time, I'll try to finish off a few UFOs as well.
 Here's my first block - January Silver/Dreams...

                       My naked block, mixture of lovely Silver Fabrics.

                     My finished block, had to add 'some' colour.

                        Details of the bottom right corner 'My Dream Garden'


My organza ribbon flowers, I may add more here

Details of my Pine Cone embroidery.

                                     Close detail of my Brazilian Pine Cones.
                                                   The right hand side of the block...